Busy Girl Baking
Busy Girl Baking

Hi, I’m Jenna

I have always loved baking! From handcrafting mud cookies that baked in the warm afternoon sun as a kid, to concocting sweet treats to cure the Monday blues at the office, baking has always been a creative outlet and expression of love. 

For years, baking on Sunday nights was a ritual. But, as life naturally became busier, many weekends passed with an untouched oven. I needed recipes that could work when time was tight to bring flexibility back to an activity I loved. That’s when I realized many of my favorite recipes could be crafted in less time using simple adjustments (there is no shame in using boxed ingredients smartly), and that there are incredible from-scratch recipes that do not require you to be a Barefoot Contessa.

Busy Girl Baking was created for anyone who wants to bake with simple and time-effective recipes. This collection of original and curated recipes is here so you can be a baking boss, no matter how busy you are.

Now let’s go make life a little sweeter.